From 7 to 7 - Acoustic Folk - Country - RnR - Frankfurt am Main


Support für Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen

  • Date: 28. April 2018
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: Färberstraße 71, 60594 Frankfurt am Main
  • Venue: Dreikönigskeller

Wir freuen uns für Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen als Support-Act im Frankfurter Dreikönigskeller auftreten zu dürfen!

Location: Dreikönigskeller,

Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen,
In 2009, Todd Day Wait put everything he owned on the curb of his home in Columbia, Missouri, and started what would become a seemingly never-ending cross-county voyage. Traveling in a vegetable oil-powered airport shuttle bus, he headed out to California by way of the Rocky Mountains, and ended up in New Orleans. Along the way, he would find collaborators where he could, picking up one line-up for a few states, and rotating regionally. Relying on each musician’s various strengths, Todd would adapt his music to suit them, shifting genres as he did states. Through this process, Todd Day Wait arrived at a musical aesthetic that blends blues, folk, country, early R&B, and soul. In 2012, after years on the road, Todd Day Wait relocated to New Orleans. Today, Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen can be found playing on the streets of the French Quarter and in venues throughout New Orleans.